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“Capturing memories and moments that will last forever” – Family Photography

Singapore Photography: Mita can be considered one of the pros with family and kid’s photography because of her track record, creativity, patience and complete understanding of how to get the perfect shot. She will put you ease, with you knowing that she is capturing all the beauty that resides with you and your family. 


We appreciate her ability and enthusiasm for her work!

Hwee Lee

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Singapore Photography

Capture those precious moments in time with the ones you love

Look every bit the consummate professional with our help in no time

Save those cherished moments of jubilant celebration for generations to come

Capture your baby's cherubic innocence in all its beauty with a single snapshot

A good snapshot keeps the wonders of youth from running away, forever frozen in a moment in time

Our plethora of works in all media speaks volumes of our dedication to our craft

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