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Singapore Photography

Mita used to be a full time fashion model, and she still currently models in commercials. Her experience in modeling has transformed her into a great photographer.

She fully understands what truly makes a professional portfolio and she also keeps up with the latest fashion trends. Most of her portfolios have received impressive comments from our commercial clients.


Our talents and children models get higher chances to be shortlisted thanks to her skills in giving castings and auditions. She knows how to pay attention to the finer details and give the clients what they want. In addition to her amazing eye for photography, she is helpful, warm, kind and makes us feel incredibly proud to work with her.


     "...Mita can be considered one of the pros with family and kid’s photography because of her track record, creativity, patience and

      complete understanding of how to get the perfect shot. She will put you ease, with you knowing that she is capturing all the beauty that

      resides with you and your family. We appreciate her ability and enthusiasm for her work! 

Hwee Lee, Director and Founder of Red Carpet Invite Models & Talents Agency:

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